Cat Lost For 2 Years Spotted 1,100 Miles Away From Home

lost catA cat by the name of Jacque has been lost for the past two years only to be found by a vet that lives 1,100 miles away from its home. Cree Cantrell, the owner of the lost cat, thought that he would never see his beloved cat again since the day it ran away from their Biloxi, Missouri home.

The cat was found by a veterinarian in Denver, Colorado, which is approximately 1,100 miles away from the feline’s original home. The cat’s owner was identified after its microchip was scanned. This would then lead to the inevitable reunion of the cat and its worried owner.

Source: A purr-fect mystery: Curious cat Jacque is discovered two years after he vanished – by a vet 1,100 miles away

Parakeet Keeps Resting Kitten Busy

parakeet catWhat happens if you put a kitten that needs a nap and a hyperactive parakeet in the same room? You get the same scenario as annoying friend who will not leave you alone when you are trying to sleep.

The good thing about the kitten in the video is that it is absolutely patient to its parakeet friend. The bird just keeps chirping and lightly pecking on the cat’s fur just to ruin the feline’s cat nap.

It’s either the cat does not mind that the parakeet is quite the annoying bird to ruin its nap, or it’s thinking about its next meal.


Cat Comes Home After Five Years

lost catSammie, a gray tabby cat, was reunited with his owner after five years of separation. He was noticed hanging around a house owned by a local from Racine, Wisconcin for several months.

The local turned the declawed cat into a local animal shelter only to discover that the cat had a microchip. The center then contacted the cat’s owner, Lindsay O’ Neill, to inform her that they have found her lost feline.

It is thanks to these microchips that lost pets are being reunited with their worried owners.

Hero Cat to be Honored

catKoshka, a stray cat from Afghanistan, was saved by Staff Sgt. Jesse Knott, a military officer. The cat eventually helped his owner recover from his darkest hours as a way of saying “Thanks.”

While living the days of a rocky married life and his platoon being hit by a suicide bomber, the soldier had planned to commit suicide. However, his newfound pet cat would not leave his side. This pulled the man out of his negative feelings and made him remind that he still has a job to do.

Earlier this year, the two received the Oregon Humane Society’s Diamond Collar Award. The story of their bond shared stood out among hundreds of other nominations for the award.

Source: Oregon City ‘hero cat’ that rescued soldier to be honored by ASPCA

Methods to Keep Your Cat Happy When You’re Not at Home

catMany cats are essentially a part of the family and could not stand for their owners to be away from their side. Cheryl Locke reports that she had consulted with Oscar E. Chavez, DVM, MBA for some ways to keep her cat, named Penny, from being sad and lonely while she is at work.

Dr. Chavez suggests that spraying the cat with Feliway pheromone spray will keep the cat calm. The doctor and member of the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition says that closing all windows and drapes will let the cat feel less anxious. It is also a good idea for cats to have their own “hiding place” should they feel restless or anxious.

Cats can also get bored; to fight that, the doctor recommends cat trees with multiple levels and various perching sites to keep them occupied among other toys and trinkets for these feline companions. Lastly, it is a good idea to place fountains of running water for the cat to avoid dehydration.

Source: Keeping your cat happy when you’re not at home

Woman And Cat Duo Reunited Again

Missing-cat-returns-to-Bennington-home-three-years-laterSketti, a house cat, doesn’t usually go out of her home. The feline’s owner, Karen Halverson, let her out at a nearby park, where strangers abducted her.

The woman thought her pet was gone for good. After several failed search campaigns, Karen almost gave up. Three years later, she received a random call from the Northern Berkshire Cat Rescue.

That’s when she went to check out the cat and verified it was Sketti.

Cat Survives Coyote Attack Thanks To Dog

cat rescueA pit bull named Jack saved his close friend, a cat named Kitty, from a vicious coyote attack. He is currently watching over the injured feline 24/7.

The attack took place near the family’s home. Two coyotes were able to get hold of Kitty. Jack saw the attack and immediately rushed to save the helpless cat. The coyotes eventually let go of the feline. Kitty was taken to the vet where doctors treated her for several injuries, from inflammation to a chipped tooth.

Other pets around the neighborhood were also victims of coyote attacks.