Boy With Autism Share Special Bond With Cat

autism catFraser Booth was diagnosed with autism at the early age of 18 months old. Louise, the boy’s mother, was told that the boy would never fit into a normal school due to his extreme behavior. The boy was then introduced to a cat named Billy, of which an immediate spark between the two was made.

When the two met, the cat was able to instantly calm the boy; something his mother would have to go to great lengths before achieving this feat. Before, the boy’s mother and father used to help each other just to get the boy to take a bath. Now, it would only take the cat to put both his paws on the edge of the water to calm the boy and take his bath properly.

The mother states that the boy and his cat are now like best friends.

Source: Billy the rescue cat helps young boy with autism

Study Shows Choosing Pets Depends on Personality

dog or catA recent research by Dr. Samuel Gosling found out that people can be a ‘dog person’ or a ‘cat person’ depending on their personality. The study has 4,565 participants that took an online test. When the results came in, a large percentage had been found to be ‘dog people’ and the other were either ‘cat people’ or a mixture of both.

Most of the ‘dog people’ who undertook the online test are extroverted, agreeable, and conscentious. The ‘cat people’, on the other hand, are rather fond of openness and neuroticism. The test was geared more towards being a personality test rather than a questionnaire that asks whether they are a cat or dog person.

There were questions within the test that would slyly indicate people to realize that they are either a cat or dog person.

Source: What are the deciding factors with regard to our overall preference for cats or dogs? It’s complex, say experts

Transform Your Home to be More Cat Friendly

catsAn article from tells a number of ideas on how to make your home friendlier for your pet feline. Cat owners and interested people who are planning on owning a cat should know a number of items to put on their checklist for their cats.

First of all, people should know that cats love high places to look out over their territory. Litter boxes also need to be placed on a secure place as cats tend to feel vulnerable when they are “doing business.”

Cats need to scratch their claws from time to time because they want to make it stay sharp. As such, a scratching post is needed. They also like the outdoors so taking it outside from time to time is a great idea.

Finally, considering shifting from curtains to blinds is a great idea as cats like to climb things and curtains can be very easy to destroy.

Source: Making your home cat friendly

Cat Returned Home After Four and a Half Year Absence

lost catKaren Young from Collingwood was reunited with her male gray cat, Slate, thanks to a microchip. The two has been separated for approximately four and a half years after a friend took the cat out but the feline had other plans besides going back inside. What followed next was a six-month search with Karen’s husband, Richard, across town.

Last month, the family got a call from Bellbrae Animal Hospital saying that after scanning a cat’s microchip, Karen’s name popped up. The woman could not believe what was happening but was still grateful her cat will be returning home.

Microchipping pets is still one of the best ways to ensure pets can be identified and returned home to their owners safe and sound.

Source: Cat returned to owner thanks to microchip

Cat Repays Owners by Finding Lost Ring

catA South Yorkshire couple had acquired Olive the cat three years ago through their son. Tony and Freda Coleman’s son, Anthony, and his wife, Rebecca, thought it was already too much to handle since they have a newborn daughter to look after. The cat had repaid their kindness by finding the couple’s lost wedding ring.

Freda, now 82-years old, had lost her wedding ring which his husband had lovingly hand-crafted for him on their wedding day on December 6, 1953. After realizing it was missing, the couple searched under every nook and cranny in their house for the lost ring. When the two were about to give up hope, they noticed Olive was playing with something shiny which was, in fact, the lost ring.

Source: Doncaster cat finds diamond couple’s ring

Scientists Unveil Cats’ Road to Domestication

catScientists that have been excavating a Stone Age village in China have recently recovered an old, rare, and very valuable snapshot of cats in the early stages of domestication. The illustration is the first evidence that shows us the processes in which our feline friends first learned how to live with humans.

According to the evidence, all domestic cats can be traced back to the Near Eastern wild cat. A wild cat was deliberately buried next to a human of high-status around 9,500 years ago on the island of Cyprus. This suggests that even at that time, humans had special feelings for cats even then.

Further evidence has risen when cat bones from Quanhucan, a farming village in Central China, dated more than 5,000 years old. This suggests that the village used to be a heaven for hungry cats.

Scientists are interested in finding more about the cat’s first chapters with humans.

Source: Cat domestication may date back more than 5,000 years

Cute Kittens Fight Over Hamster Ball

cute kittenFour kittens, that goes by the names of Peter, Panda, Paris, and Pikachu, fight over who gets to play with a hamster ball. The kittens seem to enjoy taking turns in putting their heads into the hamster ball until another kitten wants to get in on the action. Who knows what these kittens are thinking? Maybe putting the green, translucent hamster ball over their heads make them feel more like an astronaut.

Cat Owners and Cats Think Differently

catsA recent survey on behalf of St. Charles, Mo.-based Royal Canin reported a number of insights with regards to cat owners and their pet felines. For instance, out of the 541 cat owners that were surveyed, 50% brought their cats home without even researching its lifestyle and how to take care for their pets.

Also, a majority of the respondents do not think about their cat’s welfare on a daily basis. The survey also came back with results that states a whopping 93% of the respondents do not consider their cat’s breed when choosing for their food.

One of the best ways to enhance a cat and its owners bond is for said owners to learn more about felines, states Dr. Brent Mayabb, DVM, and Director of Corporate Affairs at Royal Canin.

Source: Cat Habits Revealed in New Poll

Cat Behaviors Explained

catsDo you ever wonder why cats act so random? Michele C. Hollow, writer from Pet News and Views, explains why felines exhibit odd behaviour.

For instance, cats run around the house late at night because it is in their instinct to chase prey, even if there is no prey to be found. Also, the writer explains that cat smell our breaths to imprint our scent into their brains. They also enjoy bating their food out of their dishes because they like to stimulate the capture and conquest of their prey.

Felines also knead on our chests with their claws because it reminds them of their mother when they were still kittens. Furthermore, they like to rub against our legs so they can share their scent with ours. Lastly, they like to groom (lick) us because they like to do it to themselves so they are extending the courtesy to us.

Source: 6 Odd Cat Behaviors Explained

Cat Reunited With Family After More Than Three Years Missing

lost catMurphy the cat has been missing from the Maloney household for three and a half years. Ever since the family drove to Drimsynie Holiday Village in Lochgoilhead in 2009, the cat somehow managed to jump out of its cat carrier and ran away. The family has been searching for 18 months, often going back to the place where they lost the cat.

After more than three long years of waiting, the Maloneys got a call from the Scottish SPCA that they have found their cat. The cat was identified after its microchip was scanned.

The feline went home with a swollen eye but overall, safe and sound.

Source: Cat reunited with owners three and a half years after going missing