Shelter For Addicted Birds

Bird havenHumans aren’t the only ones that can suffer from drug abuse. Even parrots can be victims of drug related cases, reports Christine Tam of Global News.

Diane Dwyer, also known as the “crazy bird lady”, runs a rescue shelter that specializes in birds that are addicted to drugs such as methadone. Most of the birds need a special collar to prevent them from picking at their feathers due to high levels of stress.

Dwyer isn’t alone in her efforts. Her granddaughter, Dallas, helps her out in her apartment. The “crazy bird lady” mentions that people should put more thought into having a bird as a pet due to their special needs.

Source: ‘Crazy bird lady’ offers drug-addicted, abused parrots safe haven

Cockatoos Outdo Babies In New Research

BirdCockatoos have been known to possess special talents and intelligence. But when paired against a baby, how well do they fair? Writer Jeffrey Kluger of reports.

Previous research has proven that babies develop a skill called object permanence as early as the age of 2. A new study was started to see if Cockatoos also had the same skill and to what extent.

After various tests were done, scientists concluded that Cockatoos have a better sense of object permanence than babies. This could be in relation to the way birds survive in the wild. On the other hand, humans don’t rely on the skill as much due to evolution (towards a less primitive way of life).

Source: Is Your Baby as Smart as a Cockatoo? Maybe Not

Rescue Bird Brings Joy To Kids After Tragedy

ParakeetMost rescue birds suffer from trauma and avoid social interaction. For Nubs, a small parakeet with a missing leg, this wasn’t the case, reports Denise Crosby of Aurora Beacon News.

Nubs was rescued from an individual who was hoarding birds in a townhouse. By the time animal rescue representatives got to the home, over 153 out of the 500 birds in the facility were dead. While most of the birds were flying around frantically, Kristin Ludwig, Nubs’ owner, noticed a small bird that was surprisingly welcoming towards the individuals who took part in the rescue.

Kristin adopted Nubs into her home. Although the bird still suffers from serious medical conditions, it spends most of its time inspiring underprivileged kids.

Source: Rescued hoarder parakeet inspires book, foundation

Cockatoos Show Amazing Signs Of Intelligence

Lock-picking birdBirds have been known to display a variety of mind-blowing talents. In a recent study, Goffin’s cockatoos learned how to dismantle complicated locks.

Furthermore, out of the 10 bird participants, 5 managed to successfully open all the locks just by merely watching an individual. The smartest participant, Pipin, managed to complete all the tasks within 2 hours without the help of other people or birds.

The study concludes that birds have a keen understanding of how things work together. More importantly, birds don’t need constant reward for motivation or guidance.

Bird Sanctuary Set For Expansion

BirdLike all pets, abandoned birds should be cared for and nurtured. Project Perry, a non-profit organization bird sanctuary, is devoted to serve as a “safe house” for stray birds.

Matt Smith started the sanctuary when his beloved pet bird died. After the incident, he was inspired to provide a home for all types of abandoned birds. The organization gets more requests for their services than they can handle.

Because of this, the sanctuary will be expanding to a larger facility that can cater to more stray birds. One of the main priorities of the organization is finding a home for the birds that are currently residing in the sanctuary.

Ginger’s Parrot Rescue Saves Abandoned Birds

BirdsAbandoned parrots are becoming more and more common these days. Ginger’s Parrot Rescue is a non-profit organization that specializes in unwanted birds, mentions Srianthi Perera of The Republic.

Ginger Duplisse, along with her husband Ian Duplisse, started Ginger’s Parrot Rescue 7 years ago. Since then, the couple has helped over 42 abandoned birds. Ginger states that taking care of a bird is very different from a dog or cat. She also advises that most people who end up abandoning their bird do so because they weren’t prepared to handle the responsibilities that come with taking care of the pet.

Maintaining the bird facility is one of their primary concerns due to the high costs of supplies.

Source: Gilbert woman takes unwanted birds under her wing