Essential Steps In The Bird Adoption Process

birdsBefore an individual adopts a bird, it is best to make sure that he or she is familiar with the entire process. Most organizations that deal with parrot adoption are more than willing to take the time to guide prospective owners, as they know how difficult it can be to take care of a rescue pet, reports Jenny Drummey of the Bird Channel.

Contrary to popular belief, most rescue birds are well cared for before and during their stay in an animal shelter. Some organizations cover part or all of the expenses of the adoption process, including medical treatment, cages and food. It is recommended to clarify this matter when speaking with an animal rescue representative.

Education is an important aspect of taking care of a parrot. There are classes available for owners who are unsure about how to provide their new pet with the care it needs to stay healthy. Some centers provide books or directly advise individuals prior to bringing the parrot home.

If an owner is unhappy with the rescue bird, many organizations are willing find another home for the pet.

Source: 8 Questions To Ask When Adopting A Pet Bird

Things To Consider When Adopting A Bird

bird adoptionAdopting a parrot from an animal shelter is a simple and straightforward process. There are several organizations that specialize in providing rescue birds with new homes, reports Jenny Drummey of Bird

As Kathy Leader experienced, most bird adoption facilities such as Phoenix Landing are very cooperative. They usually ask the prospective owner about their personal preferences. In Kathy’s case, she was required to describe her lifestyle. At the end of the process, the organization was able to match her with a Senegal parrot named Kiwi. She was also advised that if the bird did not fit in well, they would be more than willing to find a replacement.

Helping a new pet adjust to its new environment is important. It is recommended not to immediately lavish the bird with attention, as this could set the expectation too high. As a result, the parrot may feel sad if the same amount of quality time is not consistently met. Treats may serve as an effective motivation tool for birds. They are often used to reward positive behavior and may come in handy during training sessions.

Source: Bird Adoption: Tips To Find The Best Match

Man And Parrot Duo Inspires People

parrotHerb and Barney, a man and his pet parrot, do their rounds on a bike to bring joy into people’s lives. Herb constructed a cage for his pet, which is attached to his bicycle.

The man states that birds are naturally sociable and need to be stimulated. During the duo’s riding sessions, Barney gets to observe and explore its environment. The people that they encounter often react in a positive manner and openly approach the team.

Individuals who are stressed out from their daily routine may appreciate spending a few minutes with the parrot, as a way to take their mind off the current situation. The duo has clocked in over 2,700 miles in bike rides.

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Woman Dedicated To Helping Wild Parrots

ParrotAll types of animals need the help of animal organizations in order to survive, including parrots. Brook Durham, the owner of SoCal Parrot, has dedicated her life to saving and nurturing wild parrots, reports Nina Garin of UT San Diego.

SoCal Parrot is a non-profit organization that specializes in the care and rescue of wild parrots in Southern California. The group is the first to establish this type of institution. Brooke helps injured or hurt birds recover from accidents. She does this by keeping a close watch of their condition 24/7. Baby parrots require more care due to their demanding feeding schedule.

The individual has a particular passion for wild birds, because compared to domesticated parrots, they lack support from an owner. Brooke advises people to exercise extreme caution when handling an injured bird by carefully wrapping it up in a soft towel and calling an animal rescue center immediately.

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African Grey Whistles A Catchy Tune

ParrotBirds have a way of lifting the spirits of individuals around them. Ollie, an African Grey, sings the melody of a popular song ‘Always Look On The Brighter Side Of Life’.

The quirky bird starts off moving along to the beat of the tune while an individual plays the piano version in the background. Ollie eventually belts out a whistle, indicating that he knows the song, which causes the individual playing the piano to stop.

The YouTube video has made a positive online impact, with over 1,000 likes and 290,000 views.

Cockatoos Show Skills Related To Object Permanence

CockatooGoffin’s cockatoos have been known to display a variety of impressive skills. A study by the University of Vienna shows that the species develop a sense of object permanence faster than babies, which usually doesn’t take place until 4 years of age (based on research by Jean Piaget).

The study uses birds because they are known to view their environment like humans. Furthermore, such animals make use of sights and sounds for context clues when they are out in the wild. A total of 14 birds participated in the study. The reward used during each of the tests administered was a cashew nut.

Eight of the participants were required to locate the nut, depending on where it was hidden in 1 of the 3 containers. A magnet was used to move the reward in order to raise the difficulty level. Each test varies according to transposition, rotation and translocation. The results of the research shows that the subjects faired well in most of the tasks assigned.

Scientists connect the birds’ uncanny ability to locate food based on their need to survive in their natural environment. Other birds have also displayed the same abilities apart from Goffin’s cockatoos.

Riveting Documentary Stars Parrot

Grey parrotDocumentaries often feature animals and their ability to supersede human expectations. Alex, an African Grey Parrot, is the star of a film called Life With Alex, reports Anthony Stoekert of

Dr. Irene Pepperberg, the owner of the bird, noticed that Alex was notably intelligent. She was right; the parrot has over 100 vocal phrases under its belt, along with the ability to compute basic math.

The director of the movie, Emily Wick, mentions that it has always been her dream to teach a bird how to speak. With that being said, making the documentary was very easy for her. The director has never actually met Alex, but instead was able to work directly with Dr. Irene. She also had access to all the homemade footage of the parrot that was shot by visitors.

The message of the documentary is that humans and birds have a lot in common. This is not Emily’s first movie about a bird. Her first movie revolved around the relationship between a little girl and a hummingbird.

Other movies that will be shown in the film festival includes: Just Short of Sidekick by Jamison M. LoCascio of Montclair, Locomotive by Jeremy Waltman, and The Portal by Michael Turney.

Source: A documentary about a legendary parrot is among the films being shown at this fall’s New Jersey Film Festival

Devastated Owner Loses Parrot

ParrotKaren McIntyre, a widow, lost her precious African Grey parrot on July 15. The bird holds a special place in her heart due to the inseparable bond they formed over the years.

October, the lost parrot, mimics her deceased husband’s voice and serves as a reminder of their marriage. Karen thought that the bird would come back after flying away, as it has done several times in the past. The widow and her son posted several missing ads around the neighborhood and community.

Her other pet bird misses October as well and has not been the same since the incident.

African Grey Chants Popular Tunes

ParrotParrots are known to have the ability to learn and mimic things they hear. Koko, an African Grey parrot, has an arsenal of tunes and phrases such as the Hibs anthem, as mentioned in an article on Edinburgh News.

Koko has the reputation for having a bubbly personality, which can get her in trouble. The bird also learned a number of popular chants from Jerry Springer to Jingle Bells.

Denise Davidson indicates that mimicking is very common for African Grey parrots to do. They not only mimic the phrase, but also the voice of the person whom they heard it from.

Source: Parrot sings Hibs song to wind up Rangers fan

Taking Care Of Budgies

BirdBirds make great pets, even for those without much experience in handling animals. A parakeet is a type of bird that does well in social and family environments, reports Els Slurink of Idaho Press-Tribune.

Parakeets, also known as a Budgie, originated from Australia. When buying a budgie, it is best to get one from a trusted breeder or well-known pet store. Regular trips to the vet are a must for parakeets. They require grooming and nutritional maintenance at least twice a year.

Budgies reach sexual maturity when they are 6 months old. If successful, expect 3-6 white eggs, with a gestation period of 18 days. It is recommended to seek advice from a licensed veterinarian about a parakeet’s diet.

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