Myths About Talking Parrots

parrotsRebecca K. Connor, an author from, reports about the myths that are being talked about our talking feathered friends. Many new parrot owners bring their bird home hoping that it will start talking but most of them tend to come up disappointed.

Parrot owners should know that it does mean that a parrot needs to be alone for it to learn how to talk. Furthermore, it does not also mean that only hand-raised parrots are able to learn how to mimic human speech. Parrots also have an uncanny ability of copying what people say but it does not mean they understand everything we say.

Parrots do not love to curse but sometimes they pick up the idea because of their owners. Lastly, it does not mean that if a parrot learns how to talk that it is can already be a sign of their intelligence.

Source: True Or False: Parrot Talking Myths

Cockatoo Makes Tools to Fetch Nuts

cockatooFigaro, a Goffin’s cockatoo amazed people with his uncommon ability. He chewed of a 2 ½ inch splinter of wood and used it to rake a nut that is beyond his reach from his cage.

Apart from the cockatoo, New Caledonian crows can also make tools; a skill that allows them to sustain their protein-dependent diet. But unlike them, cockatoos use general intelligence rather than a specific adaptation. They are an exceptionally intelligent breed of birds.

Birds Require a Lifetime of Care

birdsA local avian expert revealed that a parrot’s life lasts 100 years or longer. This study proves that birds need a lifetime of financial commitment. Birds were often surrendered by their owners in institutions that take care of animals.

According to Robert Schenck, owner of Animal Instincts in Fall River, birds especially parrots are mostly relinquished by their owners because they are too loud and demonstrative. He emphasizes that while some people have the experience, knowledge, time, and financial resources to provide for a large bird, most folks who are interested in exotic species would fare better with a smaller parrot, such as a Conure or African Grey, which also require very long commitment and much care.

Source: Brian Lowney: Parrots require a (long) lifetime of care

Stop Shopping for Parrots

parrot adoptionBird owners sometimes give up their pet birds that they have purchased from a pet store because they do not understand the commitment required to take care for it. Chris South, executive director of A Place to Call Home Parrot Rescue in Serena, states that there is a required long-term dedication for caring for the birds and the price it takes to care for them.

Parrots can sometimes live up to 80 years; they can even outlive their owners at times. It is like having children wherein they tend to get different personalities as they grow up. Since many bird owners do not understand the needs of their feathered friends, they then look for another bird from a pet store instead of adopting one.

The executive director wants to push interested people to adopt parrots instead of purchasing one. This will lower the number of birds being bred in captivity and also aid in reducing the number of birds at rescues.

Source: When it comes to parrots “adopt, don’t shop”

Parrots Are Not For Everyone

parrot careSioux City resident Matthew Boos states that owning a parrot, or a large bird for that matter, is not for everyone. Simply put, he says that not everyone is a “bird person.”

Like dogs, birds have their own personalities; take for example the Boos’ pet blue and gold Macaw named Bugsy as they have revealed that birds do not get chosen as a pet but rather they choose their owner. However, once birds choose who to bond with (whether it would be a person or another bird), they will stick with them for life. Furthermore, birds are messy animals; hence if a person could not handle the job then they are better off with some other pet.

If they lose the person (or bird) they have bonded closely with, they will pluck out their feathers.

Source: Parrots have plenty of personality but aren’t right for everyone

Lost Parrot Spotted Near Stadium

parrotAn African Grey Parrot that goes by the name of Dewey flew away from its household when someone from the Dews family opened the door to let their dogs out. The family was concerned since their area was experiencing a particularly cold weather and the parrot’s breed cannot withstand temperatures below 65 degrees.

The bird was first found by a woman named Randa Harkness. The parrot was found perched on another woman’s shoulder at Lee Hedges Stadium late Sunday morning. But before they could clarify on who the is the real owner of the bird, it flew once more.

The parrot is then found once more at the parking lot of Hobby Lobby where it was atop a stage with shiny objects. After coaxing it down, the bird returned to Leslie Dews, its rightful owner.

Parakeet Keeps Resting Kitten Busy

parakeet catWhat happens if you put a kitten that needs a nap and a hyperactive parakeet in the same room? You get the same scenario as annoying friend who will not leave you alone when you are trying to sleep.

The good thing about the kitten in the video is that it is absolutely patient to its parakeet friend. The bird just keeps chirping and lightly pecking on the cat’s fur just to ruin the feline’s cat nap.

It’s either the cat does not mind that the parakeet is quite the annoying bird to ruin its nap, or it’s thinking about its next meal.


Wonders of Keeping a Pet Parakeet

parakeetParakeets are considered to be the most popular parrots to keep as pets, columnist Alyssa Landau reports.

A parakeet can grow to as much as seven inches long. They can be loud but not as loud as other parrots. These birds also come in all types of colors including blue, white, yellow, green, or a mixture of these. Also, you can tell if a parakeet is either male or female through their nostrils (the fleshy part above the beak). If this part is blue then it is a male, and if its pink or brown then it is female.

Parakeets are tame creatures and can live up to fifteen years. A person planning to take care of one should have a cage where the bird will not feel like it is imprisoned. It also needs a bowl for its food and water.

Source: All About Pets: Parakeets make wonderful pets

Parrot Laughs With Crowd

parrotParrots can be taught to imitate a number of phrases, expressions and sounds. In this video, a bird named Homer laughs just like a human.

He starts off by repeating common phrases such as “ola”. Then the green parrot displays how far he’s developed his skills by spurting out human-like laughs, along with a crowd of people. While the video is very light and happy, the thought of hearing a high-pitched laugh in the middle of the night is unsettling.

Basic Ways To Take Care Of A Parrot

parrotFor individuals who own a parrot, it is essential to take good care of them. Because parrots cannot express themselves the same way humans do, it is recommended to seek guidance or rely on extensive research, reports Jasmine Pachnanda of Oneindia Boldsky.

Parrots are fond of a clean living environment. Therefore, their cage should always be sanitized. The same goes for their hygiene, food and water. They must always have a fresh bowl of water and pellets. Trigene, a disinfectant, should be avoided at all costs, as this could harm the bird.

A parrot can be trained to mimic or imitate humans. This is a great form of interaction and can be very stimulating for the pet. When in doubt about how to take care of a beloved bird, always consult a vet for more information.

Source: How To Care For Parrots?