Cat Behaviors Explained


catsDo you ever wonder why cats act so random? Michele C. Hollow, writer from Pet News and Views, explains why felines exhibit odd behaviour.

For instance, cats run around the house late at night because it is in their instinct to chase prey, even if there is no prey to be found. Also, the writer explains that cat smell our breaths to imprint our scent into their brains. They also enjoy bating their food out of their dishes because they like to stimulate the capture and conquest of their prey.

Felines also knead on our chests with their claws because it reminds them of their mother when they were still kittens. Furthermore, they like to rub against our legs so they can share their scent with ours. Lastly, they like to groom (lick) us because they like to do it to themselves so they are extending the courtesy to us.

Source: 6 Odd Cat Behaviors Explained