Animal-Assisted Therapy Program for Autism

therapy pets

therapy petsAccording to the data provided by the American Pets Products Association, 83.3 million own dogs and 95.6 million own cats. People who own animals are reported to have been living happier lives. This and other positive effects can also be found in animal-assisted therapy for people diagnosed with autism.

Some animals who contribute for the cause are alpacas, horses, dolphins, and dogs. Autism programs that are assisted by animals have certain elements in common. Each program assists children with autism to learn to trust, de-stress, decrease inappropriate behavior, care for other living things, step out of their comfort zone, and most importantly to communicate.

There are some studies do not have clear evidence as to how these programs work their magic, but there are noticeable improvements for children with autism undergoing such programs.

Source: Autism and Animal-Assisted Therapy