Dog Helps Woman Hear

hearing dogChristine Goodier, 66-years old, is totally deaf in one ear and is nearly deaf on the other. She is being aided by a 2-year old Labrador retriever named Raylene. The hearing dog from Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. serve to alert Christine whenever they are out in public as to what is going on around them.

Raylene was trained and matched with Christine after the 66-year old went through the extensive application process. The process included providing medical records, and a home visit by the organization’s representative.

None of this would have happened if it were not for Christine’s sponsors and the donations that were made.

Source: Dog helps woman cope with deafness

Wanted: Calm and Sweet Dogs

therapy dogSandy Suarez, a longtime therapy dog owner and the founder of the Plymouth-based organization Great Dane Rescue, is hoping that other dog owners are interested in joining her cause. She wants to help patients with the healing aura that therapy dogs bring.

Sandy is also the director of clinical services at Grace Hospital in Troy and wants other dog owners to bring in their certified therapy dogs (those that are certified by Therapy Dog Inc. or Therapy Dogs International) to help patients relax and feel comfort even at their most trying of times.

The biggest qualification that the director is looking for is a calm demeanor and a willingness to be loved. The pooches should also be able to provide emotional support.

Source: Calling a few good dogs: Furry faces can be the best medicine for hospital, hospice patients

Dog is the Living Legacy of Girl

dogDaisy is the living legacy of Dana Esposito who died four years ago. The brawny red golden retriever now walks the halls of Holy Redeemer Hospital each Monday with her owner and mother of Daisy, Dolores.

The dog’s job is to bring comfort and relief to patients at the hospice. The 85-pound dog, which is decked out in a pink collar and clip-on bows, allows a patient to accept a lick, stroke her fur, or simply look into her calming eyes.

It was a tough battle that was fought for Daisy to roam the halls of hospices as it was very difficult to bring in a dog inside a hospital. That battle was won and was greatly appreciated by a lot of people.

Source: A rare calming influence: Therapy dogs in demand at hospices, but are hard to find

How to Choose a Pet For Your Family

choosing petResearch is the key to acquiring a pet for your family. Do not just choose the cutest pet in the bunch. It is important to acquire a pet that will fit your family’s personalities for a relationship to form properly and to blossom. Some key questions should be asked before deciding on what pet to get.

Some of the questions include how much time can you or your family spend on the pet? Or what energy level do you want your dog or cat to have? Or what level of exercise can I provide to the pet? And how “independent” should the cat or dog be?

Source: Choosing the right pet for your family

Man and Dog Left Everything for Peaceful Life

syria dogFady Eid from Syria risked everything for his life and the life of his dog, Jack. It meant leaving his family and friends behind for him to travel across the globe to save their lives.

Two months ago, the two were in Syria but their lives were very different. Fady assumed the American name “Alex” while in Syria and has a passion for journalism. Not long after the crisis in Syria had started, his reports brought back threats from people. His home was even a victim of gunshots and nearby bombings.

The man and dog duo was saved by Trevor Reeves from America’s Dog Pit Bull Rescue. Trevor helped them fly halfway across the globe for a more peaceful life.

Veteran States the Importance of Service Dogs

ptsd dogCorporal Matt Hatala spent four years serving in active duty in the Marine Corps. The soldier was paired with Sergeant Chaney, a detection dog for improvised explosive devices. The pair had a bond and the soldier even cried when the two separated.

After two long years of processing, the pair reunited as the veteran successfully adopted Chaney as his service dog. The two volunteer for Retrieving Freedom which they help other veterans. Although the dog is not properly trained to become a certified service dog, he still knows the importance of having a companion.

Dutiful Dog Lends Healing Paw to Veterans

veteran dogA golden retriever and also an honorary member (and mascot) of the 12th Cavalry Association named Jethro has travelled with his owner, Raymond St. John, in counselling as many as 1,000 veterans from coast to coast.

The dog also sits on the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital Patient Care Centered Committee and the Mental Health Executive Council, and attends to numerous veteran support groups. The dog’s owner is also a veteran and previously suffered from PTSD. Without the golden retriever’s help, he would still have that disorder.

The dog has been considered nothing short of a fearless ambassador, diplomat, and companion.

Source: Service dog lends healing paw to veterans

Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet

pet adoptionSometimes it can be quite frustrating in adopting a pet cat or dog but the idea of acquiring one is a great thing to do, as explained by Sam Kabbel, an author from Ahwatukee Foothills News.

First of all, interested pet owners should ask themselves what are they looking for in a pet? People should adopt a pet that would fit their lifestyle. It is always a good idea to consider the lifespan of the pet.

Also during the first meeting of the soon-to-be pet, people should think about what the pet needs before going an impulse of adopting the animal just because of an emotional impulse. Lastly, never adopt a pet that does not match a lifestyle as the relationship between pet and pet owner will never work out.

Source: 5 things to consider before adopting a pet

Measuring Animal Intelligence

animal intelligenceSometimes, although it does not seem that it would happen, cats and dogs seem smarter than humans. Thomas Zenthall, a psychologist from the University of Texas, that the concept of episodic memory (or the ability to recall past experiences) is not limited to the brain of humans but can also be found in our pet animals.

The human race may be underestimating the power of an animal brain especially when it comes to mental time travel. The idea of animals being able to plan their every move is both interesting and quite uncomfortable.

The minds of animals are still a mystery but therein lies a frontier that is yet to be explored by science and technology.

Source: Animal Intelligence: Is Your Dog Or Cat Smarter Than You?

Dogs Can Understand Human Emotions

dog emotionsThe MTA-ELTE Research Group in Hungary held a recent study that shows dogs can understand and even react to human emotions. Attila Andics, a researcher from the group, explains that our pet pooches can process social information by using similar brain mechanisms as we humans do. The researcher conducted why we consider our dogs “Man’s Best Friend.”

An MRI brain scanner was used in order to examine how a human and a dog react to emotions. The researchers found out that dog and humans have “voice areas in similar locations.” Dogs are even known to be exceptionally good at reading human emotions that they are used to help patients in therapy.

Source: Dogs Understand Emotions Like Humans New Study Shows